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Candy built-in washing machines have been created in order to give you the best benefits along with the minimum waste. Your comfort is our mantra: that’s why we always keep it in mind when designing our new appliances.

Our machines minimise the amount of electricity used, reducing waste. The sensitive weight sensors detect the size of the load and automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity used. With our machines, a half-load can require up to 70% less water, time and electricity!

The best combination of time and performance. candy washing machines allow you to choose between no fewer than four cycles that are less than an hour long yet 100% effective.

This program will clear any bacteria or dirt from your clothing, washing them at 60°C, with additional use of water to ensure a full clean.

This cycle is specifically designed for wool garments. The pulsing motion of the drum washes your garments with the gentleness of a hand wash. (Maximum load: 2Kg. Garments must be marked machine-washable.) Approved by Woolmark

With a delay start the laundry will be ready just when you want it. It allows you to programme the start of the washing cycle with a maximum delay of 24 hours. No more worries of unpleasant odours created by wet laundry that has been left inside the machine.

This washing machine in C class, in compliance with the New Energy Label and comparing with the G class, reduces consumption for at leat 34%, saving energy, money and protecting the environment.

Candy Integrated Washing Machine,

8kg Wash, 1400rpm Spin, 17 Wash Programs Inc Rapid Washes,

Hygiene Plus and Eco, LED Display, Delay Start, Digital Countdown,

KG Detector, Chrome Door

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