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Smartness is the way forward. Candy believes in the importance of enjoying your life, that’s why the new range of dryers are made to dry your garments easily and smartly, simplifying your day. So that you can have more time for you and for what you love most. Candy Smart dryers are also connected appliances: get benefits from the NFC* connectivity that helps you by improving your drying experience, easily and directly from your smartphone.

The Candy solution guarantees maximum comfort with minimum effort when you dry your laundry: a dryer with a higher door. Say goodbye to backache when you put the laundry in and take it out again thanks to a 3.5 cm higher door than standard models.

Thanks to the Start Delay function you can delay the start of the drying cycle up to 24 hours. Postpone it during the night to save energy costs or program it at your convenience.

Iron in half the time thanks to the Super Easy Iron function. A smart sensor detects the right level of moisture and a special alternating drum motion reduce wrinkles and tangles.

Candy is proud to present the "kg detector": the new smart sensor that easily understands the quantity of clothes inside the drum and adapts the drying cycle to the real load. Forget the clotheshorse, drying the clothes have never been so easy! Innovative Candy smart sensor takes care of all clothes, even more delicates!

Receive useful tips to get a perfect laundry and check the status of the drying cycles every time you need! Thanks to the NFC* technology, you can control all the activities of your dryer directly from your smartphone. You can also access to several functions, such as additional cycles for every needs, or smart check up, with just a few clicks on your smartphone. * only compatible with Android smartphones equipped with NFC technology.

Candy Smart, Condenser Dryer, 9kg,

NFC Connectivity, LED Touch Display and Dial Control,

Sensor Dry Technology, Plastic Door, up to 24hrs Delay Start

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