Loox LED Driver, constant voltage, 24V

Loox LED Driver, constant voltage, 24V

  • €62.94

The heart of the Loox system
Suitable for connecting to all of the world’s power systems
Offers an integrated switching function and connections for all of the most popular types of Loox switches
Input voltage: 100-240 V;50-60 Hz
Output voltage: DC 24 V
6 sockets for Loox/Loox Compatible 24 V lights
1 socket for country-specific mains lead
All lights and switches must be connected to the driver before connecting to the mains
Lead length from driver to switch max. 6 m


  • 24 V driver with generation Loox plug-in system

Mains voltage

100 – 240 V

Mains frequency

50 – 60 Hz

With switching function


Output voltage

24 V DC

Area of application


Area of application

For Loox 24 V lights


Flat design
Parallel connection

Input ports

1 x plug, Small appliances


6 x sockets, Loox 2-pin 24 V

Control input ports

1 x socket, Loox switch


For screwing

Installation reference

Min. distance surrounding 50 mm. Provide for sufficient air supply and circulation. Please note max. ambient temperature. Overvoltage protection must be provided. Provide inspection opening.

Order reference


Order bare ended or country-specific mains lead separately
Order Loox and Loox Compatible 24 V lights separately
Order switch separately

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