Häfele Adapter for connecting Loox5 12 V Lights and Accessories to Loox Drivers 833.95.752

  • €1.23

Article details

Low voltage socket

Adapter 12 V, Loox socket, Loox5 plug

Power rating

42 W

Area of application

For connecting Loox5 consumers to Loox drivers or Loox distributors. Suitable for all consumers with 2-core Loox5 plug, e.g. monochromatic lights, distributors, charging stations, etc.



Drill hole Ø

13 mm

Current carrying capacity

3.5 A


45 mm

Supplied with 

6 pcs (sets) x Adapters(Please note: 1 set = 1 pc)

Additional information attributes

Not suitable for 4-core Loox5 plugs (multi-white or RGB)
The current carrying capacity is limited to 3.5 A
Observe maximum wattage

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