H-WINE 500 HWC 150 UKW/N

  • €308.90

H-WINE 500

WINE wine coolers are designed to store your wine in the best possible way, guaranteeing perfect temperature and humidity levels for preserving all its flavour and sensory qualities. Their elegant design and refined attention to detail make them appropriate for any room, from the kitchen to the living room.

To allow a clear visibility of your preciouses wine bottles with a lower energy consumption.

To ensure optimum air quality inside the cabinet, Hoover wine coolers are fitted with charcoal filters. This filter reacts with any odour, perfectly cleaning and purifying the wines environment.

The digital display allows you to monitor and set the correct temperature of the wine cellar.

Thanks to the high quality compressor, the vibrations reach minimum level and combined with the low noise guarantee a perfect storage condition.

To reduce the effects of UV rays, Hoover wine coolers are equipped with special UV-resistant glass. This glass reflects nearly all the damaging UV radiation and prevents any deterioration of the wine.

The shelves in H-WINE wine coolers are made of bamboo from FSC certified sustainable sources, and are not treated or painted to prevent all forms of chemical contamination and sensory alteration of your wines.


Holds 41 Bottles

6+2 Bamboo Shelves

LED Light, Charcoal Filter, Anti UV Glass Door

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