H-DISH 500 HI 3E9EOS-80

  • €349.55

H-DISH 500

H-DISH dishwasher will provide you with an outstanding washing experience, caring for your most delicate glasses and crockery and giving perfect results. It comes with Wi-Fi connection that enables you upload additional programs and run a diagnostic check. It can also be operated when you are away from the home.

Control your dishwasher using your voice with the adaptive Hoover Talks system. Launch programs, receive updates about the machine’s status and even ask for customized advice on the best program to use.

Take care of your glasses and pottery and get outstanding washing results with the Total Care program.

With this WiFi+Bluetooth enabled dishwasher you can operate, control and monitor the dishwasher remotely using your mobile device. You have access to the Energy Manager and all the Performance Statistics to use your Dishwasher in the best way. Via app you can set up to 20 additional programs.

Automatic filter cleaning to remove dirt and prevent deposits thanks to the Self-cleaning Micro Filter.

AXI’s exceptional capacity and flexible internal space means there’s plenty of room for all your kitchenware, accommodating and cleaning up to 16 place settings or as much as 184 separate items..


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