• €560.93


Tall Freezer is as stylish as it is practical with a spacious 260 net liters of frozen food storage. Designed with convenience in mind, this fridge has 6 transparent freezer drawers and has 2 inner door balconies, perfect for storing up to 15 bags of shopping.

This Total No Frost freezer produces cold air in the freezer and evenly distributes it in the fridge cavity via multiple jets. Temperature and humidity in the fridge will remain constant and therefore keep your food tastier and fresher for longer. With no build up of ice in the freezer there is no need to ever defrost your freezer.

With a touch control easy to use digital display, you can set the temperature of your freezer and adjust as required.

The LED lights provide excellent visibility across all shelves, last longer and consume 15 times less electricity than a standard bulb, making finding that midnight snack even easier.

Tall Freezer 186x59.5x69.5cm

Freezer 260 Net Liters

6 Drawers

External Digital Display, External Handle

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