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Welcome to the new experience of drying. Technology and innovation go hand in hand with Hoover: that’s why this new range of dryers are designed to guarantee the best treatment for your garments with the total delicacy and efficiency. You can control and manage the status of the drying cycle of your most precious garments, wherever and whenever you are. Wear your garments perfectly dried, soft and deeply hygienized. And dry not only your garments, but also two pair of trainers. Discover the countless features of this brand new range of Hoover appliances, provided to protect your garments at best: your drying experience will never be the same.

Hoover Tumble Dryers can be connected to the innovative ONE FI WI-FI remote control and the innovative Wizard App which provides many advanced and tailored features developed to enhance your life.

The most delicate fabrics, such as wool and cashmere, will keep their natural softness and brightness, thanks to the gentle and precise motion and sophisticated temperature management system provided by the appliance. Approved by Woolmark.

The rounded shape of the drum moves the garments delicately, protecting them from strong mechanical vibrations. The warm air goes through the rounded surface evenly, creating a “cushion” effect for more uniform drying, also for the bulkiest loads.

The Start Delay option gives you the choice of when to start your cycle, according to your needs. The drying cycle can be delayed for up to 23 hours.

The special alternate motion and anti-crease action pre and post cycle keeps garments soft as they dry, minimizing creases. Making you garments easy to iron, because for Hoover the care of your garments comes first.

If you are looking for an ally who helps you pushing the timeline mantaining a great performance/efficiency, you can count on Hoover: the new dryers can memorize a setting for every drying cycle, in order to get the best combination of the functions provided by the machine. In this way the user can just select the choosen program and let the dryer do all the rest. The results of the drying cycle will be incredibly amazing.

Thanks to Hoover dryers, ironing will be a less of a chore. The special alternate motion and anti-crease action pre and post cycle delivers the perfect humidity to you garments allowing you to iron in half of the time, preserving the quality of your garments, also the most delicate items, guaranteeing easier ironing performances.

Condenser dryer machines separate water from the moist air inside the dryer into a container that needs to be emptied after drying. If you are not able to fit an external vent or not sited near a window then condenser dryers are more flexible.

Hoover takes care of your laundry and takes care of your health too. It neutralizes the main allergens and gets rid of dust mites, pet hair, pollens and powder detergent residuals, without stressing the fibers of your garments. This is possible, thanks to a special system that mixes controlled temperatures, time and movement, in order to hygienist your garments in the best way.

The new design of Aquavision enables you to always see the level of water. It is easy to remove and replace into the dryer, and it's a unique system created by Hoover.

Condenser Dryer, 10kg

NFC Connectivity, Digital Touch and Dial Control

Aquavision In-Door Water Reservoir, 4 Drying Levels, Sensor Dry Technology

All in One drying, up to 24hrs Delay Start

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