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H-DRY 100 


Get the best from your drying cycle. With this range of dryers, now you can discover all the cleverest solutions to get an exciting performance from your drying cycle, keeping both the maximum care for your garments and the A class efficiency. Your new Hoover dryer will treat every garment with the maximum kindness and efficiency, making it brilliant and soft just like you have bought it. Thanks to the connectivity system you can add additional functions to your dryer and get several tips to improve your drying experience.

The Start Delay option gives you the choice of when to start your cycle, according to your needs. The drying cycle can be delayed for up to 23 hours.

Whatever the size of garments you to put in to your dryer, from the smallest and most delicate items to your large curtains, Hoover dryers will treat them with the maximum care, giving you the best efficiency. This is possible thanks to the special cycles made to dry both small and bulky loads, whilst limiting the formation of tangles.

Hoover takes care of your garments and your energy consumption too, taking advantage of the new Active Sensor. With this technology you can choose from 4 drying levels for each program, giving you the desired drying result for each type of garment.

The special alternate motion and anti-crease action pre and post cycle keeps garments soft as they dry, minimizing creases. Making you garments easy to iron, because for Hoover the care of your garments comes first.

 This type of tumble dryer removes hot damp air from the machine and filters it outside via a hosepipe. You'll need to make sure there's a window nearby or an external vent.

Vented Dryer, 9kg

NFC Connectivity, LED Display, Dial Control

Sensor Dry Technology

3,6,9hrs Delay Start

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