Swing-out pantry unit complete set, centre and door mounting, height adjustable, full extension, with mesh wire storage baskets, for 500 mm cabinet width

  • €758.73

• For installed heights:
- 950-1200 mm: 3x each basket (door and main) included
- 1200-1450, 1450-1700 mm: 4x each basket (door and main) included
- 1700-1950, 1900-2150 mm: 5x each basket (door and main) included
- 2150-2350 mm: 7x each basket (door and main) included
• Built-in depth 480 mm
• For cabinet width 500 mm
• Set includes:
Hanging frame, silver epoxy coated tubular steel, height adjustable
Door mounting frame, silver epoxy coated steel with zinc-plated steel hinge support arms
Top and bottom runners, full extension, ball cage top runner and self closing bottom roller runner, max. load carrying capacity 80 kg per unit
Storage baskets for main frame, chrome plated steel, mesh chrome wire
Storage baskets for door frame, mesh chrome wire
Basket hanging and securing clips, grey plastic
Door frame support hinges, grey plastic
Door panel mounting bars, silver epoxy coated tubular steel
Door frame fixing arm, grey plastic, adjustable
- Fitting instructions   

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