Whatlock Magnetic Lock System

  • €21.08

The whatlock® magnetic opener is a great solution for an invisible lock system - particularly suitable as child protection, the magnetic key can be kept in a safe place out of reach of children.

The latchbolt is retracted and the door can be opened when presenting the whatlock® magnetic opener (supplied). The latchbolt engages automatically when the door is being closed. The door is secured. The lock can be switched off and left in the open position when not in use.


For all types of doors drawers and cabinets 16-25 mm thick


Simple installation with 3M adhesive pads or with screws if preferred




White / blue

Supplied with

1 x Magnetic safety key

2 x Magnetic safety locks

2 x Strike plates

2 x Templates

12 x Screws

1 x Fitting instructions

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