LOXLEY - 5 Piece Bedroom Doors

LOXLEY - 5 Piece Bedroom Doors

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The Loxley is a 5 Piece 22mm thick Shaker Style Door with 75mm Stiles wrapped in SERICA® Super Smooth Matt Vinyl with a MDF Core. It has1mm Radius Edges

Stock sizes only - NO off standard sizes available.

Loxley Bedroom Doors:

Bedroom Door sizes between 1735 - 2400mm high are supplied as single panels with a separate 75mm mid-rail as standard. The mid-rail must then be attached manually
during installation. *Panelled Bedroom Doors must clearly state 3, 4 or 5 when ordering to ensure the extra 75mm mid-rail pieces are included with your order.
Minimum Bedroom Door width is 246mm.

Loxley Doors:

Kitchen Door sizes between 356 - 1734mm high are supplied 5-piece as standard. Minimum Door width is 246mm.

Loxley Drawers:

Drawer sizes between 100 - 215mm high are supplied as 1-piece flat panels (See Drawer visual for reference). MTO Drawers are manufactured from the next nearest
profile size (115, 140, 175 and 215mm high) with the bottom cut and edged. This edge should always be placed at the bottom during installation.
Minimum Drawer width 246mm. Pan Drawer sizes between 216 - 355mm high are supplied as 5-piece. Minimum Pan Drawer width 246mm. It’s important to specify either Door, Drawer or Pan Drawer when ordering to ensure your order is processed correctly.

Loxley Frames:

Full Open Frames between 250 - 2400mm high are supplied as supplied as individual pieces and will require manual assembly. Top Open Frames are not available. Ex.Stock Kitchen Frame sizes are supplied glazed. Non-Standard Frame sizes are not available.
MTO Frames are supplied unglazed. MTO Frames are supplied as individual pieces and
will require manual assembly. Minimum Frame width is 246mm.

Loxley Curved Doors:

Curved Doors are made to suit 300 x 300mm cabinets only. Height availability ranges from 570mm up to 2250mm. Curved Bedroom Doors are supplied with a 75mm mid-rail positioned at 660mm high as standard. This is measured from the bottom of the Door to the bottom of the mid-rail. The mid-rail position can be changed if necessary and must be clearly stated when ordered as it cannot be moved afterwards. Concave Doors are not available.

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