Häfele Slido D-Line11 120C Sliding door fitting set without running track

  • €53.83

For 1-leaf wooden sliding doors, ceiling installation and wall mounting, door height adjustable, for door weight up to 120 kg, with soft and self closing mechanism on both sides.

Soft and self closing mechanism:
Low opening force – easy and convenient operation
Tested with increased closing speed up to 0.5 m/s
Can be retrofitted or replaced at any time
Accessibility: Opening force with door weight 50 kg: 18 N / 80 kg: 21 N

Shock absorber:
Closing speed with shock absorber tested up to 0.4 m/s



For door weight

≤120 kg

For door material


Controller installation options

Ceiling installation, Wall mounting

Adjustment facility

Height adjustment: ±3 mm, Door height adjustable

Number of doors



Suspension with recessed flange clip (without tools)

Door processing

For screw fixing

Supplied with

 2 running gears

1 clear threshold floor guide
2 track buffer with retaining spring


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