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H-WASH 500

H-WASH 500 is the extremely sturdy, reliable and stylish washing machine that guarantees outstanding results, excellent care of fibers giving them a longer lifespan, thanks to the Eco-Power Inverter Motor.

H-WASH 500 is equipped with the new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor, the most long-lasting and powerful belt technology available on the market.

Forget your laundry labels! The exclusive Scan to Care function, available via hOn App, allows to create your virtual wardrobe. Just take a picture of your garment, the App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the specific program and treatment to take care of them.

This technology creates the perfect mix of water and detergent and expands it directly inside the drum so that it penetrates into the fibers ensuring 20% better cleaning action.

The new H-WASH 500, thanks to its motor, is more sensitive: it adapts the washing action to the load ensuring best results and 60% more efficiency.

H-WASH 500 is featured by an advanced algorithm that calculates and auto-sets the most suitable program adapting detergent, water and time according to fibers and load, guaranteeing an improved efficiency with no wastes.

H-WASH 500 is the unique washing machine offering a complete set of 9 Care Cycles that allows you to take care of all your favourite clothes, preserving fibers for longer and without any effort.

The Active Balance Technology provides the best rinsing results reducing washing time and vibrations, thanks to its spinning optimization.

Superior space optimization mixed with the usage of innovative components and materials, guarantees to comfortably wash all family garments at once, saving time.

Hoover washing machine has a specific hygiene program that is a sanitizing washing cycle that mantains 60°C of temperature for more than 20 minutes, allowing deep cleaning for your clothes and garments.

In compliance with the New Energy Label, this A class washing machine reduces consumption starting from 51% compared to a G class, saving energy and protecting the environment.

14kg Wash,


Wi-Fi Connectivity,

Digital Touch and Dial Control,

14,30,44 Minute Rapid Cycles,

59 Min All-In-One Full Load,



Stain Level, Intelligent Wash Technology, up to 24hrs Delay Start, Inverter Motor


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