Grohe Blue Home Duo L-Spout Chilled or Sparkling Water Dual Lever Monobloc Filter Tap

  • €2,236.61


For chilled, still or sparkling water
Dual flow spout - two separate waterways to ensure that GROHE Blue water does not come into contact with unfiltered water or with metal parts after filtering, thus preserving the filtered taste
Left hand lever for chilled and filtered water, right hand lever for standard mixed hot and cold water, amount of sparkle can be regulated by the left hand lever
Grohe Blue® filters use a five-step filtration process to remove even the smallest particles from tap water, while leaving behind all the important minerals that benefit your health
2.0 bar min. operating pressure
5.0 bar max. operating pressure


Cooler and carbonator: 1.4 l


Dual lever monobloc


Cooler and carbonator: 455 x 505 x 200 mm
Spout exit reach c/c: 221 mm
Spout exit height: 334 mm


Overall tap height: 378 mm


Zinc Alloy

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