Free flap 1.7 complete set

  • €49.30

• For flap height 250 - 400 mm
• For small, one-piece flaps made of wood or with aluminium frame
• 107º opening angle (can be reduced to 90º using opening angle restaint) - 
• Fitting for screw fixing with pre-mounted Euro screws, flap clips onto pre-mounted screw on brackets
• Flap locks into any position
• Intergrated soft close
• Supplied with:
- 2x Stay flap fittings (1x left, 1x right)
- 2x Cover caps for fitting (1x left, 1x right)
- 2x Screw-on brackets for wooden flaps or flaps with aluminium frame, from frame width 45 mm
- 1x Paper drilling template
- Installation instructions
• Height, side and tilting angle adjustment of front ± 1.5 mm holding power
• Nickel plated steel, cover caps: grey RAL 7035 or white RAL 9003 plastic

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