Fitting Set, for Folding Cabinet Doors, Slido F-Fold61 25/50A

  • €83.67

Ideally for laterally connected sliding folding doors
Can be used for aluminium frame doors with frame width more than 50 mm
Running gear: Top running, 4 rollers
Running gear guided by: Ball bearing mounted rollers: Plastic
Version: Mounting on cabinet side panel with concealed hinges
Installation: Running gear for hooking into running track without tools





Set without tracks


with concealed hinges mounted to cabinet side panel

Area of application

Overlay cabinet doors

For door material

Wood, Aluminium

For door thickness

≥16 mm

For door width

≤550 mm

Note on door width

25 kg: Max 550 mm
50 kg: Max 600 mm


Rollers: Plastic

Running gear version

4 rollers

Running gear guided by

Ball bearing

Adjustment facility

Adjustable via hinges

Door adjustment via



Mounting on cabinet side panel with concealed hinges

Model series

Fold 25/50

Order reference


Running tracks and concealed hinges for attachment at the side are not included in the set.

Supplied with


1 running gear with 1 concealed hinge for left door
4 adjustable concealed hinges
1 cover cap

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