Fitting Set, for Folding and Pivoting Cabinet Doors, Hawa-Folding Concepta 25

  • €2,952.94

  • Folding and pivot sliding system for bi-folding cabinet pocket doors
  • Flush cabinet fronts can be fully opened from end to end to give complete access to contacts but are also completely concealed once doors are opened
  • Two pairs of folding doors enable cabinet fronts up to 2800 mm in width to be stored in the cabinet
  • Flush cabinets open fully end to end
  • Floor to ceiling designs are possible to implement as walk in cabinets for home office, kitchen utility or bathroom
  • Semi-overlay; overlays the cabinet top and bottom, but inset to the side panel
  • Recesses without cabinet body installations are feasible
  • The folding panels can be pushed back into the recess to be fully flush with the external panel
  • Minimal slide loss of only 73 mm in the cabinet depth and recess width only 110 mm
  • Adjustments can be made at the front of the system. Aluminium fascia conceales the hinges when the folded door is in position in the pocket
  • Unique scissor technology prevents any jamming when folding and sliding
  • Allows flexibility of design as can be combined with the hinges door variant HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50 (door reveal 2 - 5 mm)
  • The HAWA-Folding Concepta set for one bi-folding door pair includes all the hardware components, scissor and top track
  • Top track and bottom profile are fitted easily from the front


Left/right hand

Door height

1851–2600 mm


Inset and overlay cabinet and wardrobe doors


Screw fixing

Door weight

Max. door weight 25 kg (per pair of panels 50 kg)

Door width

300-700 mm

Door thickness

19–28 mm

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