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Stainless steel


Stainless steel


The height adjustable grill makes BBQ-ing relaxed and effortless, giving you the ability to accelerate or slow the cooking process to suit your mood. High temperature cooking is made easy by simply lowering the grill towards the fire, searing meat could not be easier and if things start getting too hot simply raise the grill to reduce the heat. The steady and controllable cooking process means that perfectly cooked, tender meat is easily achieved. The relaxed nature of cooking on an asado grill gives you time to enjoy the social element of cooking, the large cooking area affords plenty of room to cook different cuts of meat at the same time, no one ever leaves an asado hungry!



The Parilla grill is perfect for searing at high heat and for long gentle cooking. The V shaped grill design channels oils and fats into the drip tray avoiding flare-ups which can spoil the flavour of your meat.


The Chapa plate adds yet more flexibility to cooking on the grill, giving further options to cook vegetables, eggs, flat breads and so much more. It is reversible and can be used to channel oil away from food or turned over and used to fry.�


If you intend to leave the grill outside for extended periods, the stainless-steel weather shield is perfect for protecting the firebox from the elements and ensures that the grill is ready for use year-round�

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