Sweepovac kitchen vacuum for plinths

  • €246.16

  • Easy installation
  • Reduces household work – no bending and no dustpan
  • Strong suction power: Dirt, crumbs, even pet hair are sucked in immediately
  • Can be used to suck debris off brush head
  • Re-usable dust bags are easy to remove
  • Bags can hold up to 12 weeks of sweepings


Stainless steel effect


Powerful 650 W motor
Kick switch for turning on or off
With bag full light indicator
Re-usable dust bag
Safety cut out - switch turns off automatically after 10 seconds


For minimum plinth height 100 mm
80 mm clearance from carpet required
Plinth cut-out required: 342 x 94 mm (template provided)


342 x 94 mm


99 mm


457 mm


377 mm

Supplied with

1 vacuum unit

1 front plate

1 mains lead, 3 m, with Schuko safety plug

3 disposable dust bags

1 reusable dust bag

1 HEPA filter

1 clip-in hose (can be extended from 1.8 m to 5.5 m), with 3 nozzles (crevice nozzle 250 mm long, hard floor/parquet floor nozzle 150 mm wide, upholstery nozzle 150 mm wide)

1 template for plinth cut-out

4 fixing screws Ø 4 x 20 mm

1 set of installation instructions

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